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Welcome to the Hope of Grace Church!

We’re so excited to have you join us as we explore the power of prayer in today’s contemporary Church.

Hope Of Grace Church

At Hope Of Grace Church, we believe in the power of prayer to mold us into the image of Christ. We believe the fuel for an effective Christian life is prayer.

And not just prayer, but prayer that gets the attention of God.

Prayer defines everything we do at Hope of Grace Church. We spend a lot of our time seeking the Will of God through earnest devotion, bible study and hearing God’s Voice.

One of the unfortunate things that has crept into the modern Church is the fallacy that you can pray and God will take His time to answer you. In fact, many people believe that you can pray and God will answer you in His own time, even if that takes ten years.

How many people do you know who haven’t had a real, tangible answer to prayer?

That’s a big concern.

Even as we deal the multiple ministries that Church has, from Men’s, Women’s, Teens and Children ministries, we know that for us to be effective, we must be sensitive to God’s leading, and that leading can only be communicated to us through prayer.

In our 15 years of ministry in Illinois, we’ve seen God work wonders when ‘people who are called by His name shall humble themselves and call out to Him’

That’s the power of prayer. The power that brings heaven to earth, and causes unbelievers to find Christ, restores broken homes, rescues normal people from desolation, drugs, addictions, pain and failure.

We praise God for His faithfulness in this Ministry.

It is our desire that as you join us, that you too may discover the power of effective prayer. Follow our blog for a wide range of prayer points tackling practically every issue you may face in your life. Apply these prayer points to your daily private time with God and ‘pray without ceasing.’

We place a strong emphasis on Bible Study and it forms the foundation for the prayers we pray. We believe one of the reasons that people say “prayer doesn’t work” is because they don’t speak the Word of God back to Him in prayer. Your words are at most, powerless against the dark forces of evil. But they are no match for the limitless power of God. Indeed, God Himself said, “I have exalted My Word above My Name”

God will not allow His word to come back to Him void, but will watch over it to see that it fulfills what it set out to do.

May God bless you as you become part of our happy family. Welcome to Hope of Grace Church, where we hope for the grace of God, through prayer, to form us into the image of our glorious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Need Help?

In case you need to talk to someone about any issue, our online staff are ready to assist or pray with you. Use our contact form to submit your request, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Until then, reign in Christ! And may God richly bless you.